Areamare Diving Center/25566

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Grotta di San Francesco

The dive starts down 7 meters.

After a few minutes, we will immediately see the entrance to the cave, which enters the rock for about 15 meters and has a large exit hole at 6 meters. The landscape inside has spectacular lighting effects and walls covered with soft corals, colored sponges and nudibranchs. It is ideal for taking pictures.

Outside the cave, the marine environment consists of granitic canals and pinnacles that rise from the sandy bottom (25-30 meters, where there are yellow sea fans) to a depth of about 15 meters. These pinnacles are the preferred habitat for abundant and varied reef fauna, including Anthias and snappers. In the crevices along the walls of the pinnacles, we will see scorpion fish and lobsters, while on the sandy bottom are moray eels and octopus.