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Dives and scuba diving activities in Sardinia with Areamare

The Areamare Diving office
It was our specific purpose to manage a limited number of divers in order to provide a specific service to our guests. Our Customers are on holiday! According to this principle we put in place all the necessary tools to guarantee a relaxing and enjoyable time. Just as an example, all guided dives are performed with a very limited number of divers and the dives are planned in order to have a large amount of available time; so we guarantee safe and comfortable
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dives to everybody and especially to the divers (photographers, video operators, beginners, etc.) who may actually need relax and time to prepare and perform their activity. Moreover we provide the "equipment service", so the Customer has the opportunity to let the staff take care of his own scuba equipment (assembling, washing, carrying, storage); he needs only to be ready at the boarding point, where he'll find everything ready on board and leave to the diving site.

Where we dive

We dive several sites, most of which are located in the marine park of "Parco Nazionale dell'Arcipelago di La Maddalena", where we have the specific permission to go. Different sites, with richness of life and colours, allow rope, cave, rock, wreck diving. Despite of the marine diversity, all the dives have a common feature: the depth rarely is below 30 metres. [Click here to see our dive sites]
diving in Sardinia Archipelago of La Maddalena
The destinations are carefully chosen depending on weather conditions and participants' experience in order to have the best conditions so that everyone can live a pleasant and exciting diving experience.

Dive trips program

In our daily dive trips we do two dives in two different sites, to allow all the participants to observe different marine landscapes during the same trip.
BoCoCa ready to go diving
Normally the diving trips are held in the morning and we are back for lunch time, so you have the rest of the day available to spend with family, friends in other beach activities or in tourist attractions. Since in our trips we accept a limited number of participants, in the periods of greatest affluence sometimes we also organize afternoon trips.
The typical program is as follows: meeting time is at 8.00 AM at the diving center, then transfer to the pier, only few meters far, where the divers will find ready on board their tanks, weight belts and scuba equipment; after a check of the equipment we leave to reach the first dive site. Once in place, we provide a specific briefing by the staff, the divers enjoy their dive, guided in groups of maximum 4-5 persons.
divers having a break between the two dives
After the first dive, we relax on board and we have a snack while the staff is taking care of the scuba equipment with new tanks. As soon as we are ready, we move to the next dive spot where, after the usual detailed briefing, we enjoy the second dive. Afterwards we go back to the harbour where we get at around 1:30 PM. Back on the dock, the staff will take care of disassembling and washing the equipment with fresh water and of the appropriate carrying and storage, freeing the divers from the maintenance.

Why dive with us?

Thank the beautifulness and richness of the area all the dives will become an exciting experience. But to do this experience even more pleasant and in order to optimize the activity, we dive in groups with a very limited number of persons (even if all the boats are equipped to carry larger number of divers and the diving centre could serve almost a double number of divers). For this reason you will have a comfortable seat on board, free available space and you will enjoy dives without crowd either on board either in the water. Moreover for the specific dive, we divide persons in small groups of maximum 4/5 divers per diving guide, and for each group we plan a specific dive and route according to the different experience, so everybody can enjoy in safe and comfort.

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