Areamare Diving Center/25566

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This site is located on the northern most part of the "La Maddalena" National Park. We moor the boat in the area, between the lighthouse and a rock that appears from the blue water. The classic dive is a northward descent to 30-35 meters. Here, among the many granitic pinnacles covered with red gorgonians, there are several species of reef fauna such as lobster and scorpion fish. If we look at the blue, it will be easy to see some predatory fish, such as tuna and snappers. From this point, we can return by keeping the wall to our right at a depth of 15 meters, we can explore the gorges, in a few small crevices populated with conger and sawdust. If we have a good air supply, we can visit the plateau at 10-12 meters rich in wildlife, such as anthias swimming among the stones, perfect habitat for many nudibranch species.